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The Community Collage project was created by photographer Josh Madson as a way to showcase the diversity and harmony of the Mankato community. Watch a short film on the project. Following three complimentary photo shoots for Mankato community members of from all walks of life, cultures and socio-economic backgrounds, more than 800 portraits were shot and displayed in a gallery show at the Coffee Hag throughout the month of September 2023. Subsequently, the collage was displayed at the Carnegie Art Center in Nov of 2023. Community members were photographed during a 2-minute photoshoot, with a classic black and white portrait style to give more emphasis to the faces and personality of the participants. The photos were printed for a floor-to-ceiling photo collage art installation at the Coffee Hag, creating an immersive experience where participants and exhibit attendees were able to feel a sense of joy and pride to be a part the vast abundance of diversity and greatness that exists within the community.

About Josh Madson: Josh Madson is a dynamic, prolific photographer/director/DP who works internationally from various home-bases in LA, NYC and Tokyo. Josh was born and raised in Minnesota before relocating to Los Angeles in 2005. During the pandemic, Josh relocated back to Minnesota to be closer to family. Shortly after returning to Minnesota Josh’s family decided to move to Mankato. Josh has resided in Mankato for approximately 2 years and now considers it to be a new home base. In 2018 and 2019, Josh directed motion campaigns for OPI, Goop, Beauty Counter and Murad. To see Josh's reel click here. Josh works with and has had works published in a diverse mix of top-tier, global enterprises and publications, such as: L’OREAL, NYX, goop, Murad, Beauty Counter, ipsy, Proctor & Gamble, COTY, Clairol, Bank of America, Nike, VOGUE Girl, Elle, SELF, Esquire, InStyle, Macy's, G- Tech, Target, Hitachi, Mac, amongst many others.

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